Sarah Register - Full Mastering Discography

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Credits (1-470 of 2000+)

Year Album Artist Credit
2017 Relatives In Descent Protomartyr Mastering
2017 Drink I’m Sippin On Yaegi Mastering
2017 [tba] U.S. Girls Mastering
2017 FILM Qasim Naqvi Mastering
2017 [tba] Buke & Gase Mastering
2017 Haha Huhu Aaron Roche Mastering
2017 [tba] Caroline Rose Mastering
2017 Book Of Changes Entrance Mastering
2017 Darlene Shrugg Darlene Shrugg Mastering
2017 Cage Tropical Frankie Rose Mastering
2017 Little Mazarn Little Mazarn Mastering
2017 I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone Chastity Belt Mastering
2017 Toubalbero Sidi Touré Mastering
2017 Shitty Hits Katie Von Schleicher Mastering
2017 House and Land House and Land Mastering
2017 [tba] UUUU Mastering
2017 Play What They Want Man Forever Mastering
2017 Double Quartet Series Volume 1 HiFiKlub Mastering
2017 Opposites Parlor Walls Mastering
2017 California Hotel Trans Am Mastering
2017 The Times We’re Living In Paperhaus Mastering
2017 Pictures Of An Exhibitionist Sean Barna Mastering
2017 [EP] SoccerPractise Mastering
2017 [EP] S. Chaparral Mastering
2017 [EP] Pool Lights Mastering
2017 Take It Down Machel Montano Mastering
2017 [EP] Yaegi Mastering
2017 Arranged Marriage NP Arranged Marriage NP Mastering
2017 Faces Are Like Songs/This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Billy Downing Mastering
2017 Glitzy Golden Will Lederer Mastering
2017 Fuel (Bari Shapeshifter Remix) Freddie Dickson Mastering
2017 Nightmares Harris MacDonald Mastering
2017 Pretty Secret Corrine Davis Mastering
2017 Werewolf Diskdrive Werewolf Diskdrive Mastering
2017 Dwell Ali Burress Mastering
2017 [tba] Mudboy Mastering
2017 Mirror To Make You Natural Velvet Mastering
2017 Song of the Rose Arbouretum Mastering
2017 Tribalistic EP Nick Hallet Mastering
2017 [tbd] Leisure Studies Mastering
2017 [7”] 2up Mastering
2017 There’s More Here Than Black And White Kites & Powerlines Mastering
2017 Love Is A Liar Amelia Harris Mastering
2017 Epicycle Gyda Valtysdottir Mastering
2017 Pentimento Lilah Larson Mastering
2017 [tba] Jófríður Ákadóttir Mastering
2017 [tba] Julia Easterlin Mastering
2016 Promises Entrance Mastering
2016 Real Thing [single] Lower Dens Mastering
2016 Gemini I Johanna Warren Mastering
2016 We’ll All Collide Moss Of Aura Mastering
2016 Monk Evolution Machel Montano Mastering
2016 Libras Saqqara Mastaba Mastering
2016 I Insist Von Sell Mastering
2016 Masterpiece Big Thief Mastering
2016 Technique Mai Lan Mastering
2016 Flesh + Plush Olmsburgh Mastering
2016 RX Schraf Mastering
2016 Exit Here Plebeian Mastering
2016 Circling Gioia Mastering
2016 Learn Your Science House Of Feelings Mastering
2016 Sander Truant Mastering
2016 Instant City Motion Studies Mastering
2016 Honey Peals Mastering
2016 Naked Light Grey Gersten Mastering
2016 Glow Ahead Wing Dam Mastering
2016 Magik*Magik Magik*Magik Mastering
2016 Nostos Otium Mastering
2016 Fairweather Dinowalrus Mastering
2016 Uni Sun Ami Dang Mastering
2016 Felder Jan St. Werner Mastering
2016 Shivers Blacksage Mastering
2016 Dust Leisure Cruise Mastering
2016 Natural Motion Other Colors Mastering
2016 Interventions Horse Lords Mastering
2016 Bend Down Pause (Carnival Remix) Machel Montano Mastering
2016 Mon Bon Ami Angela Hunte Mastering
2016 Human Machel Montano Mastering
2016 Still Life Adam Lempel & The Heartbeats Mastering
2016 Michael & The Rockness Monsters Michael & The Rockness Monsters Mastering
2015 Christmas & Chill Ariana Grande Mastering
2015 Extraordinaire Jidenna Mastering
2015 The Agent Intellect Protomartyr Mastering
2015 Return To Tackyland Cold War Kids Mastering
2015 Oscar Hocks Bianca Casady & the C.i.A. Mastering
2015 [7”] Half Japanese Mastering
2015 [7”] Tav Falco Mastering
2015 The Otherside G Eazy Feat. Liphemera Mastering
2015 Giving Up On You Wild Belle Mastering
2015 God Make Me Over Candice Boyd Mastering
2015 Life Dan Friel Mastering
2015 Before A Million Universes Big Ups Mastering
2015 For The Night GGOOLLDD Mastering
2015 tbd Pussy Riot Mastering
2015 7 Hearts Kitten Forever Mastering
2015 Queen IAMEVE Mastering
2015 Secondary Turn To Crime Mastering
2015 Fellow Creatures Fellow Creatures Mastering
2015 V.V.W.M.S. AndrewJ Mastering
2015 Accelerator Shannon Hayden Mastering
2015 EP War Girl Mastering
2015 [7”] Tropic Green Mastering
2015 Laguna Silvestre Y La Naranja Mastering
2015 tbd Caleb Stine & The Brakemen Mastering
2015 Ice Age / Rims OHO Mastering
2015 tbd Sunwatchers Mastering
2015 Are We In Love? Bosley Mastering
2015 The Tacit Turn Rachel Zylstra Mastering
2015 Ugly Eye Congress Mastering
2015 Bleeders Digest Say Hi Mastering
2015 tbd Noxious Foxes Mastering
2015 Street Poison The Plural MC Mastering
2015 Country My Skull Oh Hang Mastering
2015 Lanugo Beast & Flood Mastering
2015 Escape From Evil Lower Dens Mastering
2015 Atlantic City/Passerby [7”] Katie Eastburn Mastering
2015 Actions Turn To Crime Mastering
2015 EP 1 Faux Fix Mastering
2015 Tongues Out Sweepstakes Mastering
2015 Time To Go Home Chastity Belt Mastering
2015 You Look A Lot Like Me Mal Blum Mastering
2015 Infinite Orchards Wish Mastering
2015 EP Frenemies Mastering
2015 tbd Arthur Doyle Mastering
2015 Unremarkable Food Will Win The War Mastering
2015 House for the Atomic Age Grand Balcony Twang Machine Mastering
2015 Secret Life Moon King Mastering
2015 Total Cultura Malportado Kids Mastering
2015 Soul Cannon Soul Cannon Mastering
2015 The Earth Is All That Lasts Willem Maker Mastering
2015 America Online [7"] Half Human Mastering
2014 s/t L.A. Mastering
2014 Fast Weapons [7"] Vision Control Mastering
2014 Chandelier Werewitch Mastering
2014 [Split 7"] Big Ups / Washer Mastering
2014 Sudden Fear Katie Eastburn Mastering
2014 Alto Seco Young Mammals Mastering
2014 Heat Waves The Flag Mastering
2014 Felipe Velia Felipe Velia Mastering
2014 Pox Turbo Pox Turbo Mastering
2014 Never Notice Wave Sleep Wave Mastering
2014 Coca Ramadan Hassan El Shafei Mastering
2014 Prideless Magic Mouth Mastering
2014 Plans Make God Laugh Hifiklub with Alain Johannes Mastering
2014 Bonnie Montgomery Bonnie Montgomery Mastering
2014 Sparkspitter Sparkspitter Mastering
2014 tbd Broken Water Mastering
2014 Twinspeak Twinspeak Mastering
2014 A Hound at the Hem [DFA 2014] Slim Twig Mastering
2014 Savage Imagination Dustin Wong and Takako Minekawa Mastering
2014 Historias de Frío Sexores Mastering
2014 Can't Love Turn To Crime Mastering
2014 The Future's Void EMA Mastering
2014 Rarities tbd Black Dice Mastering
2014 Lifer Dope Body Mastering
2014 Gamel OOIOO Editing, Vinyl Prep
2014 Endless Wonder Say Hi Mastering
2014 Why Do the Heathen Rage? The Soft Pink Truth Vinyl Prep
2014 The Dirty Dogs Radio Show Bosley Mastering
2014 tbd Horsebladder Mastering
2014 Under Color of Official Right Protomartyr Mastering
2014 Kix/Amanda JMI Mastering
2014 Petits Bisous Erin and Her Cello Mastering
2014 What Am I Doing Lushes Mastering
2014 Eighteen Hours of Static Big Ups Mastering
2014 Dried Ink Alexandra Glassman Mastering
2013 Labor Men Mastering
2013 Process Yvette Mastering
2013 Fates Johanna Warren Mastering
2013 EP Baby Alpaca Mastering
2013 Little Wild Life Baskery Mastering
2013 Essential Tremors J. Roddy Walston and the Business Mastering
2013 Worth The Wait Snails Mastering
2013 Mean Something The Fling Mastering
2013 Batousai el Destajador Macho Muchacho Mastering
2013 Strange Pleasures Still Corners Mastering
2013 New Millennium Prayer Nymph Mastering
2013 Walking Field Peals Mastering
2013 Half-Speed Mastered Aleister X Mastering
2013 Total Folklore Dan Friel Mastering
2013 Epochalypso Noxious Foxes Mastering
2013 The Definitive Collection Art Lord & the Self-Portraits Mastering
2013 Devil May Care Magic Mouth Mastering
2013 The Future is a Faded Song J. Graf Mastering
2013 New Humans Weekends Mastering
2013 Academy Songs, Volume I Holopaw Mastering
2013 Clapper Is Still Way Through Mastering
2013 More Humans Sleepies Mastering
2013 Build A House b/w Annie's Exit Young Mammals Mastering
2013 Alpha 60 Punch Out The Flag Mastering
2013 Crying My Whole Heart Out Clementine and The Galaxy Mastering
2013 The Forest is Shaking and Swaying Black Sea Hotel Mastering
2013 Separate/Budget Called Broke JMI Mastering
2013 Tempest In A Teacup Mal Blum Mastering
2012 A Hound at the Hem Slim Twig Mastering
2012 Ghost Of Nico The Legendary Tiger Man & Hifiklub Mastering
2012 Best Behavior Dinowalrus Mastering
2012 Home Is the Sun Invisible Things Mastering
2012 Glide Cooper Formant Mastering
2012 Grandfather Child Grandfather Child Mastering
2012 I Am A Genius (And There's Nothing I Can Do About It) R. Stevie Moore & Hifiklub Mastering
2012 Interstellar Frankie Rose Mastering
2012 I Get Wet [10th Anniversary Special Deluxe Edition] Andrew W.K. Mastering
2012 Mischief & Mayhem Jenny Scheinman Mastering
2012 Landlady b/w Optometrist Young Mammals Mastering
2012 Pansophical Cataract Man Forever Mastering
2012 Rebirth Pagoda Mastering
2012 From Coast To Coast Hifiklub Mastering
2012 Artifact Noveller Mastering
2012 Spectrum Road Spectrum Road (Jack Bruce, Vernon Reid, John Medeski, Cindy Blackman) Mastering
2012 Sunshine Talk Normal Group Member, Mastering
2012 Tempest Broken Water Mastering
2012 Dizzy [Single] Kind Monitor Mastering
2012 Graceful Exit Kind Monitor Mastering
2012 Lost Is The Perfect Place To Start Girabbe Mastering
2011 Past Life Martyred Saints EMA Mastering
2011 On the Water Future Islands Mastering
2011 The "Party All Goddamn Night" EP Andrew W.K. Mastering
2011 Nupping Dope Body Mastering
2011 Peripheral Star Broken Water Mastering
2011 One Thing GDFX Mastering
2011 Breezes Mighty Moon Mastering
2011 Agapao Willem Maker Mastering
2011 Far People in Far Places Two Guns Mastering
2011 A False Sense of Warmth Food Will Win The War Mastering
2011 Bird House Jad Fair, Hifiklub & Kptmichigan Mastering
2011 Dry, Crisp & Bittersweet Second Function Mastering
2011 The Essential Lou Reed Lou Reed Assistant
2011 Brutish & Short Heads on Sticks Mastering
2010 Homeland Laurie Anderson Studio Technician
2010 Mother of Mankind: Rare & Unreleased 1999-2010 Andrew W.K. Mastering
2010 Twin-Hand Movement Lower Dens Mastering
2010 How To Make Friends (The Complete Story) Hifiklub Mastering
2010 Damaged b/w Ouija Board Erase Errata Mastering
2010 Nymph Nymph Mastering
2010 Workout Song b/w The Color of the Ocean Nature Mastering
2010 The Git [EP] Aleister X Mastering
2010 Pavlov's Garage Liza & the WonderWheels Mastering
2010 The Automatic Process [Japan Edition] Home Video Mastering
2010 The Automatic Process Home Video Mastering
2010 Blasted! Bitch Mastering
2010 Werk (The Remix EP) Cherie Lily Mastering
2010 Blew It Again Electric Tickle Machine Mastering
2010 Dear Heartbreaks & Controversies The Sound Mastering
2010 Home Elephant Parade Mastering
2010 Back To La Tomate Jean-Marc Montera, Lee Ranaldo & Hifiklub Mastering
2009 55 Cadillac Andrew W.K. Mastering
2009 Say Hi Oohs & Aahs Mastering
2009 TV is My Parent [Live] Sia Mastering
2009 New Moon Hand Willem Maker Mastering
2009 Nouvellas Nouvellas Mastering
2009 Now vs. Now Jason Lindner Mastering
2009 Bangers & Beans [EP] Aleister X Mastering
2009 Please Rise Emergence Mastering
2009 Post Data Lisa Bianco Mastering
2009 Sugarland Talk Normal Group Member
2009 Summon Bloody Panda Mastering
2009 Colony Collapse Miracles Mastering
2009 Strange Light David Berkeley Mastering
2009 The Lake Black Swan Green Mastering
2009 New Leaves Over Larissa Jaye Mastering
2008 Coney Island Baby/Berlin Lou Reed Assistant
2008 Electric Aborigines Awesome Color Mastering
2008 Preserved Emergencies Venomous Mastering
2008 Repentance Lee "Scratch" Perry Mastering
2008 Pum Pum [Single] Lee "Scratch" Perry Mastering
2008 Stars Fell On Willem Maker Mastering
2008 Sundry Notes: More Music of Joshua Rosenblum Various Artists Mastering
2008 Talk Normal Talk Normal Collage, Group Member, Type
2008 Talking Through Tin Cans The Morning Benders Mastering
2008 Taro Tarot These Are Powers Mastering
2008 The Wishes and the Glitch Say Hi Mastering
2008 On My Trail L.A. & Akon Mastering
2008 Ghost Types Bridges and Powerlines Mastering
2008 Assemblage Ellis Ashbrook Mastering
2007 Absolute Garbage [Special UK Edition] Garbage Mastering
2007 Absolute Garbage Garbage Mastering
2007 Ask Me How Do I Feel Justin Marcus Mastering Assistant
2007 Break Skidmore Fountain Mastering
2007 Citizen Army of Me Mastering Assistant
2007 Commuter Anthems Opsvik & Jennings Mastering
2007 Fortnightly White Rabbits Mastering
2007 Forts The Boggs Mastering
2007 Gettin' Gone MV & EE with The Golden Road Mastering
2007 Gone Faded Soft Mastering
2007 Worlds Apart Blue Stone Mastering
2007 Healing the Divide: A Concert for Peace and Reconciliation Dalai Lama, Tom Waits, Kronos Quartet, Phillip Glass, Foday Musa Suso, Anoushka Shankar, Nawang Khechog, R. Carlos Nakai, Gyuto Tantric Choir Assistant
2007 Help Wanted Eric Avery Mastering
2007 James and the Quiet Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice Mastering
2007 Lady Croissant Sia Mastering
2007 Boss Magik Markers Mastering
2007 Liesa Norman Liesa Norman Mastering
2007 Little Light Stepsonday Mastering
2007 Maps and Legends Taxi Taxi Mastering
2007 Music for Total Chickens Rafter Mastering
2007 My Last Eye Stacy Kray Mastering
2007 Strawberries [Remixes by CSS, The Whip, Ulrich Schnauss] Asobi Seksu Mastering
2007 Thursday b/w New Years Asobi Seksu Mastering
2007 Pagoda Pagoda Mastering
2007 I Stole Your Animal Care Bears On Fire Mastering
2007 Pheromone Bloody Panda Mastering
2007 My Addiction Velvet Saints Mastering
2007 Rodeo Queen Utah Carol Mastering
2007 Roots and Wings Jointmethod Mastering
2007 The Foley Room Amon Tobin Mastering
2007 The Mercies The Mercies Mastering
2007 Burning Birthdays Harlem Shakes Mastering
2007 The World Has Made Me the Man of My Dreams Me'Shell Ndegéocello Mastering
2007 Through the Panama Sightings Mastering
2007 Too Old to Die Young Tall Firs Mastering
2007 Wave to the Moon Aeroplane Pageant Mastering
2007 Wincing the Night Away The Shins Mastering
2007 Elements of Life Tiësto Mastering
2006 Afro Punk Various Artists Mastering
2006 Walk On Razors The Lights Mastering
2006 Awesome Color Awesome Color Mastering
2006 Anything Else but the Truth [Bonus Tracks] The Honorary Title Mastering
2006 Bush Is Bad: The Musical Cure for the Blue-State Blues [Original Cast Recording] Various Artists Mastering
2006 Citrus Asobi Seksu Mastering
2006 The Restoration of Chaos & Order Against All Authority Mastering
2006 Close Calls with Brick Walls Andrew W.K. Mastering
2006 Hidden Inside Mountains [5.1 Surround Sound] Laurie Anderson Mastering
2006 Hidden Inside Mountains Laurie Anderson Mastering
2006 Trouble Everywhere Daylight's For The Birds Mastering
2006 Green Blues MV & EE with The Bummer Road Mastering
2006 Arm in Arm [Shy Child Remix] The Boggs Mastering
2006 A Pheonix Like This Lowbelly Mastering
2006 Built For The Sea Built For The Sea Mastering
2006 Deja Voodoo Mistic Rein Mastering
2006 Lucky Liam Mulligan Mastering
2006 Follow Jean Through The Sea The Figgs Mastering
2006 Go: The Very Best of Moby Moby Mastering
2006 Impeccable Blahs Say Hi to Your Mom Mastering
2006 All Good Dreamers Pass This Way Bedroom Walls Mastering
2006 In Their Time They Are Magnificent Slow Learner Mastering
2006 Internal Revolution Diecast Mastering
2006 Apocalypse b/w Treason Akir feat. Immortal Technique Mastering
2006 Legacy Akir Mastering
2006 Look at Who You're Talking To Human Television Mastering
2006 Love Goes D&A Mastering
2006 Ringleader of the Tormentors Morrissey Mastering, Mastering Assistant
2006 Men, Women & Children Men, Women & Children Assistant
2006 High School The Alrights Mastering
2006 More Than Words Can Say Stevie Holland Mastering
2006 Other Songs and Dances, Vol. 1 Various Artists Mastering
2006 Other True Self Vernon Reid & Masque Mastering
2006 Oxygen Sam Bisbee Mastering Assistant
2006 Paupers, Peasants, Princes & Kings: The Songs of Bob Dylan Various Artists Mastering
2006 Phantom Limb The Shins Mastering
2006 Pisces Pisces Mastering
2006 The Article 3 EP Me'Shell Ndegéocello Mastering
2006 The Band That Sucked the Life Out of Rock 'n Roll and Killed Itself in the Process Some Action Mastering
2006 The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me Brand New Mastering
2006 The Idan Raichel Project [Cumbancha] The Idan Raichel Project Mastering
2006 The Sea & The Beast Band Marino Mastering
2006 This Binary Universe BT Mastering
2006 This Binary Universe [5.1 Surround Sound] BT Mastering
2006 Until We Felt Red Kaki King Mastering
2006 Your Mom's Favorite DJ Kid Koala Mastering
2006 Tall Firs Tall Firs Mastering
2005 All of My Friends Goat Assistant
2005 Ammore Boleri Napoletani Carlo Vutera Assistant
2005 Bleed Like Me Garbage Mastering, Mastering Assistant
2005 Destiny Sullee Assistant
2005 End Times Sightings Mastering
2005 Ferocious Mopes Say Hi to Your Mom Mastering
2005 Four Songs [Live] Josh Ritter Mastering
2005 If You Didn't Laugh, You'd Cry Marah Assistant Mastering Engineer
2005 It Dawned on Me [Single] Calla Mastering
2005 Collisions [B-Sides] Calla Mastering
2005 Collisions Calla Mastering
2005 Live From Fez David Berkeley Mastering
2005 Martha Wainwright Martha Wainwright Assistant
2005 A Pain That I'm Used To Depeche Mode Mastering
2005 Playing the Angel [SACD] Depeche Mode Mastering
2005 Playing the Angel Depeche Mode Mastering
2005 Six Feet Under, Vol. 2: Everything Ends Various Artists Mastering, Mastering Assistant
2005 Soul Circus Victor Wooten Mastering, Mastering Assistant
2005 Sweet Weaponry Cruiserweight Mastering
2005 Second Guesses Michelle Albano Mastering
2005 Las Vegas 4 Song Sampler Blue Man Group Mastering
2005 Tonight I Burn Brightly Bill Ricchini Mastering
2005 Why Do You Love Me Garbage Mastering, Mastering Assistant
2005 Y4K Evil Nine Mastering
2004 A Fix Back East Tarbox Ramblers Assistant Mastering Engineer
2004 All Songs Written by: Human Television Human Television Mastering
2004 Animal Serenade Lou Reed Mastering, Mastering Assistant
2004 Fire in the Hole Brand Nubian Mastering
2004 Foreign Land Christina Rosenvinge Mastering
2004 Go Solo Patti LaBelle featuring Ron Isley Mastering
2004 Gold Medal The Donnas Mastering, Mastering Assistant
2004 The Island of Misfit Toys [Stephen Petronio Performance] Lou Reed Mastering
2004 High Sam Bisbee Mastering Assistant
2004 Human Television Human Television Mastering
2004 Numbers & Mumbles Say Hi To Your Mom Mastering
2004 Joseph Patrick Moore's Drum & Bass Society, Vol.1 Joseph Patrick Moore Assistant
2004 Night on Fire VHS or Beta Mastering Assistant
2004 No Handle Icewater Scandal Mastering
2004 Intimations of Sorrow Valerian Mastering
2004 Outerspace Jedi Mind Tricks Mastering Assistant
2004 Palais The Figgs Assistant Mastering Engineer
2004 Devil In The Wishing Well Five For Fighting Assistant Mastering Engineer
2004 People The Golden Republic Assistant
2004 Henry EP These Enzymes Mastering
2004 Restless Willow Stevie Holland Mastering
2004 Sharkey's Machine Sharkey Mastering
2004 Stop the World Riddlin' Kids Assistant
2004 Strange Flower Aya Assistant
2004 Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol LP Assistant
2004 The Heat Can Melt Your Brain Viva Voce Mastering
2004 The Living Room: Live in NYC, Vol. 2 Various Artists Mastering
2004 Wichita Vortex Sutra Allen Ginsberg Mastering
2003 Across 155th St.: The EBC at Rucker Park Soundtrack Various Artists Mastering
2003 Hey, Everything's Fine Limbeck Mastering
2003 Bird Up: The Charlie Parker Remix Project... Various Artists/td> Assistant Mastering Engineer
2003 Bones Domingo Bones Domingo Assistant
2003 Burning Lighthouse Floating Opera Mastering Assistant
2003 Clip Clip Mastering Assistant
2003 Danse Macabre Remixes The Faint Assistant
2003 Das Nonstop-Programm 1L Assistant
2003 Eileen Ivers and Immigrant Soul Eileen Ivers Mastering Assistant
2003 Everybody Loves You Kaki King Mastering
2003 Guerrilla Jukebox, Vol. 1 Various Artists Mastering
2003 Hello Starling Josh Ritter Assistant
2003 Hit List!, Vol. 10: The Best of February 2003 Various Artists Mastering
2003 Hit List!, Vol. 9: The Best of January 2003 Various Artists Mastering
2003 Reality David Bowie Mastering, Mastering Assistant
2003 Lovers, Lead The Way! Viva Voce Mastering, Mastering Assistant
2003 NYC Man: The Collection Lou Reed Analog Restoration, Mastering, Editing, Archival Project Head, Mastering Assistant
2003 Nothing To Lose: Music inspired by A Man Apart Buddy Klein Mastering
2003 Out of the Vein Third Eye Blind Assistant Engineer, Engineer
2003 Platinum & Gold Collection Angela Bofill Mastering
2003 Platinum & Gold Collection Taylor Dayne Mastering
2003 Platinum & Gold Collection The Real McCoy Mastering
2003 Platinum & Gold Collection Tony Orlando & Dawn Mastering
2003 Platinum & Gold Collection Dionne Warwick Mastering
2003 Platinum & Gold Collection Perry Como Mastering
2003 Platinum & Gold Collection Thompson Twins Mastering
2003 Platinum & Gold Collection Hot Tuna Mastering
2003 Rip the Jacker Canibus Mastering
2003 SSX 3 Various Artists Mastering Assistant
2003 Seeds: The Songs of Pete Seeger, Vol. 3 Pete Seeger Mastering Assistant
2003 Shazar No. 5 Pal Shazar Mastering
2003 Simplified Reggie Watts Mastering
2003 Soft Spot Clem Snide Mastering, Mastering Assistant
2003 Stormy Weather: The Music of Harold Arlen Various Artists Mastering Assistant
2003 The Bootleg of the Bootleg EP Jean Grae Mastering
2003 The Go The Go Mastering Assistant
2003 The Horror Rjd2 Mastering Assistant
2003 The House Carpenter's Daughter Natalie Merchant Mastering Assistant
2003 Visions of Gandhi Jedi Mind Tricks Mastering
2002 Die on Me Gregory Corso Editing, Mastering Assistant
2002 Heathen David Bowie Mastering, Mastering Assistant
2002 Drums Oddjobs Mastering, Mastering Assistant
2002 Le Funk VHS or Beta Mastering Assistant
2002 Let Go Nada Surf Mastering, Mastering Assistant
2002 City of Twist Laurie Anderson Mastering
2002 Live at Arlene Grocery Sam Bisbee Mastering
2002 Mic Club: The Curriculum Canibus Mastering
2002 Discosadness Say Hi To Your Mom Mastering
2002 Plan B Rolo Tomase Mastering
2002 So, It's Like That Joe Bonamassa Mastering Assistant
2002 Spend the Night The Donnas Mastering, Mastering Assistant
1998 You Were a Diamond Clem Snide Mastering, Mastering Assistant
1992 Dirty Sonic Youth Mastering, Mastering Assistant
1981 The War of the Worlds Jeff Wayne Mastering Assistant
1976 Coney Island Baby Lou Reed Mastering Assistant